Unlimited 4G Pre-paid Card + Travel Concierge & Interpreter

Data plan + Wi-Fi + Phone Call + Instant Interpreter + Travel Concierge

5 Days Pass

NT$699 (with NT$50 credit for voice)

  • Unlimited 4G Data+Wi-Fi for 120 hours (5 days)

  • NT$50 credit for voice calls

  • Live Interpreter during 5 Days

  • Travel concierge service

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01. Download and install TourTalk:Click Here 02. When registering, enter the invitation code「taiwanfunpack」to obtain the Tourism Bureau exclusive trial offer. 03. You can get a trial credit of 10 gold coins for interpretation and a day of concierge service where you’ll be able to seek emergency assistance through TourTalk.
01. To complete your online reservation, go on the Chunghwa Telecom Tourist Travel Prepaid Card website:Click Here 02. After arriving in Taiwan, remember to go to the Chunghwa Telecom counter at the airport and present the reservation number and discount code. Purchase Taiwan FunPack and enjoy a 150 NTD discount.
01. Download and install the TourTalk app. Click Here 02. Register and login to TourTalk. Enter the coupon code 「taiwanfunpack」,under "My" - "Coupon" - "Redeem" to obtain a 100 NTD coupon. 03. When purchasing TourTalk, you will be able to use the coupon immediately in the app. 04. After arriving in Taiwan, when you purchase CHT 4G Pre-paid Card at Chunghwa Telecom counters at the airport, you can present the coupon delivered by TourTalk concierge and recieve another 50 NTD discount.
Product Information
Unlimited Internet
Unlimited Internet
Live Interpreter
Live Interpreter
Travel Concierge
Travel Concierge
Emergency Helper
Emergency Helper
CHT 4G Pre-paid Card
4G day plan pre-paid card -5 day pass card
  • Unlimited 4G internet + 50,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Includes NT$50 credit for voice.
  • Locations at 4 major airports and many tourist attractions. Apply now, use now.
  • Toll-free 24hr customer service hotline (Dial 928 from mobile, 0800-080-928 from land lines).
Live Interpreter & Travel Concierge
  • Languages

    English/Chinese, Japanese/Chinese, Korean/Chinese.

  • Service Hours

    9:00 - 21:00 TPE Time, 7 days a week.

  • Services

    Travel assistance and advice.

  • Service Period

    1. Interpretation: service is effective from your departure date to the conclusion of your package.

    2. Concierge: service is effective from the date you activate your package to 30 days after your departure date.

    Concierge service must be activated within two months prior of your travel date. If you are not planning on traveling within two months, please activate it later.

Service Conditions
CHT 4G Pre-paid Card
  • The mobile number/service validity period is the date of the first use (including calling/messaging, access to the Internet) plus 5 days; the mobile number is for one-time use, and after the validity period exceeds, the mobile number and the SIM card will become invalid.
  • The card is limited to use within Taiwan. Voice value can be added within the validity period of the mobile number. Since the validity period cannot be extended, the stored value voice amount should be used within the effective period of the mobile number.
  • The mobile internet APN needs to be set to Internet.
  • The first time you use the Wi-Fi, please call 5397 to initiate the authentication.
  • The actual rate of the company's mobile communication network will vary depending on the terrain, climate, and building obstructions of the site, the terminal equipment used, the number of users, and the network system. Customers can check the Internet coverage on the company's website.
  • Before applying please apply for double certificates, including your passport and the following alternative documents: an entry permit, visa, tourist visa, residence permit, international student card or boarding pass issued by the Taiwan Immigration Department.
  • Trial users do not get access to the following services: travel planning, restaurant & hotel booking. To access these services, you must purchase the travel concierge package.
  • Concierge services does not provide services for professional certification, non-travel related issues, illegal acts, erotic sites, or other related things.
  • To safeguard the rights of all users, TourTalk has the right to reject unconventional users (such as prolonged, unusually high frequency, non-travel-related advice)